Master Bartender Package

Master Bartender Package Online Training & Certification
The Master Bartender Package includes the Bartender Mixology Certification Course, the Responsible Serving Course, The Bartender Toolkit Software, Bartender Handbook / Drink Recipe Book, and more. A complete listing of the package contents are listed below.  After you order, you will receive a username/password by email and the Bartender Handbook / Recipe Guide and Toolkit Software will be sent to you via US Priority Mail (takes about 5-7 days for delivery).

Master Bartender Package Includes:
  • Bartender Mixology Online Course
  • Responsible Serving Online Course 
  • Wine Knowledge Online Course
  • Liquor Knowlege Online Course
  • Waiter/Waitress Online Course 
  • Gratuity Secrets Online Course
  • Club Drugs Online Course 
  • Food Safety Online Course 
  • Bartender's Handbook Online Course 
  • Bartender's Toolkit Online Course 
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Master Bartender Package: $99.95