HomeAlthough a bartender often has many responsibilities, serving alcohol responsibly is the most important task they have.  Many liquor liability insurance companies and many states are now requiring bartenders to become certified through a responsible beverage service training program. Even in states where licensing isn't required, it is becoming more and more common for bar owners and employers to require this type of certification / permit of their employees because of the risk of failing alcohol compliance checks and the danger of lawsuits.

For a limited time, you can get your Minnesota bartending certification (also known as responsible alcohol server training) for only $5.95!

Online Training & Certification for Bartenders 
Compared to conventional bartending schools or training classes, online courses make it very easy for bartenders, sellers, and alcohol servers to get the training they need. It is far more convenient to take an online course from the comfort of your home than to try to fit your schedule around a classroom-based course. In almost all cases, it is far less expensive to be certified to serve alcohol responsibly online, as well.

Minnesota Bartender Certification: Responsible Serving® 
The PSCC Responsible Serving® Course is written to exceed the state requirements in Minnesota. At this time, MN does not mandate bartender or alcohol server certification. However, bartenders and servers are required to operate within the laws set by the state of Minnesota regarding alcoholic beverages, and the PSCC Responsible Serving® Course covers these laws and information that all alcohol servers need to know. After completing the course and passing the exam, you can print your certificate or contact us to request that one be sent to you. This certificate may assist you when looking for a job, because some employers receive reduced rates on their liquor liability insurance if their employees have been trained in responsible alcohol service. Some employers also consider trained employees to be less of a risk concerning compliance with laws and regulations.